Inside Wrap #13: Laura Burke

In Wrap #13 we meet five leading contemporary illustrators and artists, including New York-based Laura Burke who creates her impressive artworks using coloured pencils and pastels. Each in-depth interview includes a pull out and keep print based on the 'Paradise' theme.

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Artist collection: Rozalina Burkova

Across her illustration and animation work, Rozalina Burkova creates delightfully compelling images that radiate energy and dynamic movement. Based between Spain and Bulgaria, Rozalina’s colourful artworks are busy and buoyant, and a refreshing expression of the joy to be found in everyday life.

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Wrap Kids

Join the party with our fun new range of Wrap Kids greetings cards from Alice Bowsher. Polish illustrator Susie Hammer has worked her magic on a collection of extremely cute fold-out cards featuring critters, crocs and flowers, while Spanish illustrator María Ramos has designed cards that are guaranteed to delight little ones with their colourful characters and glossy finish.