Staying Sane During Quarantine #6 - Sujin Kim
18.06.20 Interview by Wrap

Staying Sane During Quarantine #6 - Sujin Kim

She makes charming, funny, deceptively simple illustrations which always make us smile. Here the Korean designer tells us about life in Ulsan right now, and how she tries to keep positive during these strange times.
18.06.20 Interview by Wrap

Where are you, and what’s the current Coronavirus situation/lockdown like?
I'm in my hometown Uslan in South Korea, where there hasn't been a strong shutdown. I think it's because the government acted quickly from the beginning of quarantine. Most people are wearing masks; it seems easier to find someone on the street who doesn't wear a mask, and in Korea, students went back to school three weeks ago.

What’s your WFH situation like, if you are at home?
I came back to Korea from Japan and I’m staying with my family for a while. There wasn't anywhere to work from, so I quickly bought a small desk and chair. My desk is almost empty though because I haven't unpacked the boxes of books and materials yet – there are only some objects, papers and my laptop, but it's enough.And I can see the shipyard and the sea from the window. On sunny day, the sea is so close that sometimes I feel strange.

And how's work looking the moment – are you busy, or is Coronavirus having a big impact?
Work is OK! l I'm still working on something I want to participate in, and I'm drawing things that I want. Actually, I have another job alongside my illustration and I'd prepared to get a new role by early this year but the Coronavirus has made it difficult and the situation is unlikely to get better soon. I'm a little worried about that part.

What about exercise?
There are lots of places to exercise near my home, and usually I go at a time when there aren't many other people. In the morning, I like to go to the beach for a walk, and at night I walk or run at an outdoor track with my brother. Sometimes I also do YouTube home-training, usually simple stretching.

Top quarantine snack / drink / recipe?
Ice coffee with a rice cake dipped in honey! This is my best snack these days.

Any tips for great music / TV / books, or favourite distraction to pass the time?
I just finished Killing Eve and started Years and Years, my friend recommended it and I'm enjoying it. And I'm re-reading Contradictions by the Korean author Yang Gui-ja – it’s my favourite books. I usually listen to Colors on YouTube.

Any words of wisdom or empowering mantras to pass on?
Be positive. It's very difficult, but I try to be positive.

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