Coffee tins full set

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This is a complete set of our new range of 4 Coffee Tins. The set is also available to purchase with 4 bags of 250g Allpress ground coffee (UK only).

For Winter 2022, a brand-new product is coming to Wrap. Our new coffee tins (complete with candy pink coffee scoop) are designed by longtime Wrap collaborators Ana Popescu, Cari Vander Yacht, Alejandra García Y Gutiérrez, and newcomer to Wrap, Charlotte Mei. Charlotte’s peaceful design is inspired by the Chinese Gingko tree, while Ana Popescu imagines a serene still life scene. In contrast, Alejandra’s colourful collage and Cari’s spirited coffee relay are full of a lively caffeine buzz.

  • Coffee tin dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 200mm
  • Tin capacity: 500g
  • Comes complete with a candy pink scoop and artist bio
  • Complete set of 4 different coffee tins