Wrap Loves #1
28.01.20 Words by Stephanie Hartman

Wrap Loves #1

From rugs inspired by rock formations to a Hawaiian shirt featuring the god of the sea – here are five of our favourite people and projects that have caught our eye this month.
28.01.20 Words by Stephanie Hartman

Super Fake – cc tapis x Bethan Laura Wood

British designer Bethan Laura Wood, and cc-tapis – an Italian company specialising in contemporary floor furnishings, are the combined brains behind these gorgeous rugs we’re currently lusting over. Exploring the collision of nature and the man-made, Bethan’s designs for her Super Fake collection reimagine layers of hard raw matter into soft piles of malleable material, expertly hand-knotted in Nepal. Ranging from burning hot rounds, spliced with orange and pink, to giant shard-like shapes in cool hues, each of the six rugs from their collaboration is based on a different rock formation and the patterns formed by the build-up of sediment over time.


I Can Cook Vegan

As Veganuary draws to a close, you may find the odd sausage making its way back into your shopping basket, but here to fork-up those plans and lessen our negative impact on the planet is Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s latest book ‘I Can Cook Vegan’. A guide to ditching those chipolatas once and for all, not only does it cover plant-based dishes for every mood and FAQs about navigating a meat-free kitchen, it does it in style – thanks to accompanying illustrations and cover artwork by Lucy Sherston. Chapter openers are dedicated to full spreads of colourful fruits and legumes layered-up and tossed across the page, while elsewhere you’ll find playful towers of illustrated ingredients, ready to topple into a pot at any moment. Being vegan never looked so good.

Buy the book at dowsedesign.com


Nick Liefhebber x Tombolo

As long-time fans of Nick Liefhebber (he designed some wrapping paper for us way back when), we were delighted to hear his graphic prints have made their way onto something we can wear. The Dutch designer and illustrator has joined forces with US clothing line Tombolo to create two prints for their unisex Hawaiian shirt collection –soon to become your Summer 2020 wardrobe staple. Think psychedelic coral reefs and polkadot seahorses bobbing along behind the wandering eye of Poseidon, god of the sea. The perfect finishing touch? Reverse-engraved Agoya shell buttons, and recycled fabrics.


'Drunk from Love’ – solo show by Linda Linko

‘Drunk from Love’ is Finish artist and illustrator Linda Linko’s latest solo exhibition, on view at Kämp Garden in Helsinki until 2nd February. Stop by the show and you’ll find a body of new work made in response to a trip Linda took to Litibu, on the west coast of Mexico – a place she instantly connected with. The result is an energetic series of paintings and drawings featuring female figures and abstract compositions, where blocks of intense pigment brush up against scratchy marks made using graphite pen, crayons and ink.


Esther Cox's Kiosk

If you’re ever in need of a little pick me up, Esther Cox’s Instagram feed is a pretty good place to start. The Brighton-based illustrator and textile designer is a wizard when it comes to combining colour and shape. Her playful collages merge snippets of hand-painted papers daubed with thick stripes and splodges, with fabric swatches often entering into the mix too. Even her sketchbook pages and behind-the-scenes shots of materials look like mini artworks in their own right. An injection of joy during your morning scroll, guaranteed.