Wrap Loves #15
20.01.22 Words by Stephanie Hartman

Wrap Loves #15

For our first Wrap Loves of the year we've rounded up the people, places and things bringing a whole lot of joy to the team. Brighten up your January with experimental ceramics, colourful constructions and unbelievably cute phone calendars.
20.01.22 Words by Stephanie Hartman

Tiles by Studio GdB

It's safe to say the whole Wrap team wants these tiles lining their kitchens right about now. They're from Studio GdB, a Dutch brand founded by Gilles de Brock and Jaap Giesen who have a wealth of experience when it comes to experimental materials and processes, with careers spanning all kinds of techniques. Having realised their calling was in contemporary ceramics, the pair created their own CNC (computer numerical control) ceramics machine and computer software to compliment it, meaning they can now translate any design into tile form. By mixing their own colour recipes for glazes and trying to use as much recycled material as possible, Studio GdB has attracted an impressive client list who want their ceramic artworks gracing their spaces.

Lust over Studio GdB tiles here

Lauren Martin iPhone wallpapers

Spruce up your screen and feel instantly more organised with these joyful digital designs by Lauren Martin. The New York-based illustrator started making iPhone backgrounds in 2019 while on tour with her band Frankie Cosmos, initially making them as abstract doodles on Procreate Pocket. When she returned home, Lauren decided to start making calendars to use as her lock screen display as a way of keeping track of time after she found it blurring while on the road. Giving her the same feeling as a bedroom rearrange or a deep clean of the fridge, the illustrated calendars felt like a useful way to mark a passage of time but in an aesthetically pleasing way. Lauren has been making them ever since, offering a monthly design that can be downloaded along with some super cute phone widgets to boot. There's also an option to donate $1 when you download, with the money raised going to a different charity or cause each month.

Download January's design here

Apartamento book

A book and sculpture all rolled into one, 'A Thing on a Table in a House' published by Apartamento celebrates the boundary-pushing work of New York-based, Romanian-born artist Serban Ionescu. Mimicking the aesthetics of an Ionescu sculpture with irregular edges and an onslaught of colour, the oversized board book comprises photos of works made between 2017-2021 and sits alongside a play written in three acts by Serban’s fellow artist and friend James English Leary. Available via Apartamento.

I Never Imagined it Could Be Like This exhibition

This happy snap documents a slice of Jonathan McCree's current solo show 'I Never Imagined it Could Be Like This'. The British artist has taken over the Foundry Gallery in London with a collection of his brightly painted cardboard structures, playing with ideas of temporary architecture and challenging notions of what architecture could be in the future and how humans act within it. With materiality and structure at the core of his work, Jonathan sculptural works question the spaces we navigate on a daily basis and look great in the process. Lucky for us the exhibition has been extended until Thu 27 January. Find details here.

Hsian-Jung Chen ceramics

Picking and plucking inspiration from fruit, veggies and plants, Hsian-Jung Chen creates ceramics pieces that reinterpret subjects with a limited lifespan as pieces of long-life art. The Taipei-based creative discovered clay as a medium nine years ago and has been working with it ever since. Sketching and measuring each component on paper before transferring them to clay slabs, Hsian-Jung then assembles his cherries and tulips by hand, making each piece totally unique. We're particularly sweet for this giant Asian pear, complete with dinky blue fruit sticker. Discover more here.