Wrap Loves #10
10.03.21 Words by Stephanie Hartman

Wrap Loves #10

From a brand breathing new life into secondhand clothing, to a crowdfunding campaign raising funds for a new south London Art Club, here are the people, places and things the Wrap team are loving right now.
10.03.21 Words by Stephanie Hartman

Recipes with Friends

We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it features a suggestive pig, soup-stirring cockerel and pickle, we’re pretty sure what’s inside is going to be a whole lot of fun. Compiled by Australian illustrator Alice Oehr, this low-fi cookery book features over 200 recipes gathered from people around her, inspired by a similar project made as a child with her classmates in 1996. Dishes include family favourites, party showstoppers and weeknight staples, peppered with cute illustrations by Alice. The cover is letterpress printed and available in four zingy colours, including a cactus green printed on card made from coffee cups.


The Consistency Project

Favouring secondhand over fast fashion, The Consistency Project creates gender neutral clothing that champions comfort, versatility and minimal waste. We’ve had our eyes on the NYC/ Hawaii-based brand’s recent range of upcycled patchwork ’Stan Ray’ trousers, but are just as excited about their new collection of reworked Terry knit trews (see picture) that just dropped. Made from 100 percent secondhand materials, this new wave of garments from TCP ensures no scraps go to waste. And while no damage is done to the planet, we can’t guarantee the same for your bank balance after you’ve snapped up a few pieces…


Old Kent Road Arts Club

A year of lockdowns has really driven home how important both art and community are to so many people, making it even more exciting to see this crowd funder launched by F.A.T. Studio who plan on combining the two (when in-person life resumes). The Old Kent Road Arts Club hopes to provide a pocket of the south London community with creative workshops for both adults and children, and a professional development programme that will support local creatives in running public sessions – but it needs our help to do so. The Mayor of London will fund 50 percent of the project if he sees people believing in it, so dig deep and show that you do!

Pledge your support here.

Watch the campaign here

Tubo Bookends

These playful Tubo bookends by Bi-Rite Studio will brighten up your shelves no end. The NYC design store mainly specialises in 20th century furniture and objects, but last year they also began designing their own in-house products including these tubular beauties. Made from steel, and powder coated in glossy mint, yellow, pink and green hues, they’re sold individually so you can mix-and-match your favourite colour combo.


Soft Amphorae vases

‘Soft Amphorae’ is an ever-evolving research project from Swiss-Brazilian artist, Charles-Antoine Chappuis. Now based in Amsterdam, Charles-Antoine creates experimental vases made using a special textile that combines linen with leftover yarns from factories. These beautiful vessels boast malleable handles that can be shaped into curves and wiggles and many of them combine different colourways on either side of their bodies. They can also be turned upside down, depending on what the owner finds more aesthetically pleasing, with both ends holding water safely. Multiple vase designs in one!