Staying Sane During Quarantine #5 - Kentaro Okawara
11.06.20 Interview by Wrap

Staying Sane During Quarantine #5 - Kentaro Okawara

The Japanese artist tells us about what life's been like in Tokyo during the Coronavirus crisis, how his work has been affected and the ‘future diary’ he’s been making about all the things he and his girlfriend will do together when they’re reunited.
11.06.20 Interview by Wrap

Where are you in the world, and what’s the current Coronavirus situation like?
I’m in Tokyo, Japan. The city can’t legally be put on lockdown, but we’ve been asked to use self-restraint and refrain from going outside unless we urgently need to. It seems like things are getting better, little by little, but I’ve been stuck in the studio now for two months, cooking by myself.

And how’s work looking the moment – is the pandemic having a big impact?
It’s mixed – shows, events and overseas projects have almost all disappeared, but new projects are starting to come in again, and I’m painting in the studio as usual.

Have you got a new routine since Coronavirus?
The main thing is that I didn’t really cook before this, but now I’m cooking every day.

Any tips for great music / TV / books?
At the moment I’m really into Korean dramas on Netflix.

And what about exercise?
I like to go for walks near by my studio.

Are you working on any new projects or skills at the moment?
In March I made a new picture book, in April I made 50 paper paintings and in May I made furniture. And I'm also running a pop-up store for clothes, homewares and prints in South Korea at the moment called HOMEMADE. (@morelove_ko)

Since April, I’ve also been keeping a ‘future diary’ with my girlfriend, who lives in Seoul. I draw all of the things we’d like to do together when Coronavirus has gone and we can meet again.

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