Naomi Wilkinson

This style of illustration is up there as one of our real favourites – seemingly quite simple, Naomi Wilkinson’s beautifully hand-painted and softly coloured images show so much character and narrative.

Bristol-based Naomi only graduated this year from UWE, but she’s already worked on some exciting projects, her touching style winning editorial commissions for UK magazines Oh Comely and Boneshaker [above].

Naomi’s creative process begins with a planning stage, using thumbnails to map out her compositions and colour palette, before moving on to the painting [mostly with gouache] and inking stages, only using the computer at the end to tidy things up.

The inspirations and themes behind her images are wide ranging; her piece in the latest edition of Boneshaker accompanies Neil Ferguson’s poem on love, death and cycling Towards St Clair, and then her first foray into repeat pattern takes inspiration from the 1961 film Lola. We also loved her image above, inspired by a news story about Stephen Gough, a.k.a. ‘The Naked Rambler’, who was jailed for public nudity offences having walked the length of Britain in only his walking boots, wearing a rucksack!

To see more fantastic work by Naomi visit her website or take a look at her blog - we’ve got a feeling she’s one to watch!